Table 2.

Estimates of the population recombination parameter ρ (Morgans/kb) for chromosome III

MethodEuropeFar East
Wakeley (50)1.1 (0.6–4.5)1.1 (0.4–11.4)
Pairwise (51)* 2.0 (1.1–4.9)1.0 (0.3–4.4)
rholike (52) 3.1 (2.2–4.6)0.9 (0.4–1.9)
  • Based on analysis of sites with no missing data (229,734 and 211,807 aligned sites in Europe and Far East, respectively, of which 755 and 437 are polymorphic, and 464 and 231 are non-singletons). Singleton sites are uninformative for r 2 and ρ and were excluded from the analyses, as were sites at which any strain has an alignment gap, except insofar as they contributed to the coordinate system (i.e. the site was considered as missing data). Numbers in parentheses are 95% confidence limits, estimated by using these same methods on simulated datasets with known ρ (see SI Appendix for an example).

  • *∼mcvean/LDhat.