Table 1.

Genes and divergence between gene copies

1U1-like Zn-finger-containing protein0.00.0
2ORF of unknown function0.00.0
3Gene of unknown function containing DUF2888.51.3
4Methionine-sulfoxide reductase B21.10.7
6Serine/threonine protein kinase12.01.2
7Plasma membrane calcium ATPase9.68.5111.70.90.818.9
87-transmembrane receptor A13.01.9
97-transmembrane receptor B13.52.8
107-transmembrane receptor C9.91.1
117-transmembrane receptor D7.61.5
12Myosin light chain1.91.968.
13Cysteine-rich gene of unknown function A2.40.7
14Cysteine-rich gene of unknown function B0.00.0
15Cysteine-rich gene of unknown function C7.72.1
1682-kDa heat-shock protein1.39.567.
17F-box leucine-rich repeat5.72.6
18TPR domain-containing protein8.74.4
19Gene of unknown function containing LicD9.22.2
20ORF of unknown function5.61.9
21EGF/LDL receptor7.83.9
22Zn carboxypeptidase7.90.8
23SAICAR synthetase-AIR carboxylase12.17.8121.50.00.637.3
24ORF of unknown function5.81.1
25Lung-like 7 transmembrane receptor9.00.3
26Phosphoglycerate mutase9.92.5
  • No., number of the gene in Fig. 1; Gene, gene name based on BLAST and Pfam similarity; Ks, changes per 100 synonymous positions; Ka, changes per 100 nonsynonymous positions; A, divergence between copies 1 and 2; B, divergence between copies 3 and 4; AB, the average divergence between A and B copies.