Table 2.

Whole genome ranks for predicted miRNA-IE target pairs in four herpesviruses

Virus3′ UTR*LengthmiRNASeedCountRank A PercentileRank B
HSV-1ICP0186hsv1-miR-LAT3–814 of 15497.4012 of 154
EBVBZLF1, BRLF153ebv-miR-BART152–813 of 2,72099.894 of 2,720
EBVBZLF1, BRLF153ebv-miR-BHRF1-32–814 of 2,72099.853 of 2,720
HCMVIE192hcmv-miR-UL112-12–8110 of 4,89699.809 of 4,896
KSHVZta, Rta1,144kshv-miR-K12-6-3p3–841 of 1,39499.931 of 1,394
  • The table reports the top miRNA-IE target pairs for HSV-1, EBV, KSHV, and HCMV after sorting by PVSH score.

  • *BZLF1 and BRLF1 as well as Zta and Rta give rise to 3′ coterminal transcripts and therefore genes in each pair have the same 3′UTRs.

  • Rank A (resp. rank B) denotes the rank among all possible miRNA—3′UTR pairs sorted by P values computed for the random sequence based on the first-order local (resp. the third-order global) MM. Percentile corresponds to Rank A.