Table 3.

MDCK cells were inoculated with 100 TCID50 of virus in the presence of 2-fold serial dilutions of monoclonal antibodies

A/Vietnam/1203/04*A/Vietnam/1203/04*A/Indonesia/5/05A/Turkey/65596/06A/Egypt/14725/06A/New Caledonia/20/99A/Hong Kong/68
Ab 111–212.3––2.39>333
Ab 26354–217271087–1354–108>333
Ab 3581816314–88–16>333
Ab 41.7–6.30.5–2.2>333Not doneNot done>333>333
Mab #82.7Not doneNot doneNot doneNot doneNot doneNot done
  • *Viral neutralization results for two independent experiments are shown.

  • Minimum inhibitory concentrations required to neutralize virus in duplicate samples, in micrograms per milliliter.

  • A mouse monoclonal H5N1 neutralizing antibody raised against A/Vietnam/1203/04 (P.P., unpublished data).