Table 1.

Suppression of mutants of the cytoplasmic redox pathways by mutant AhpC

Change in AhpCGrowth of strain on NZ
DHB4Δgor ΔtrxBΔgshB ΔtrxBΔgshA ΔtrxB
Wild type+++Very tiny
Isolated as suppressors of Δgor ΔtrxB
    AhpC* (+F38)+++++++++
Isolated as suppressors of ΔgshA ΔtrxB
    S71F, ΔE173++++++++++
    G162–W169NDND ND++
  • +++, grows similar to wild type (DHB4); ++, grows well but forms smaller colonies than wild type; +, forms tiny colonies after 1 day; Very tiny, forms good-sized colonies only after 2 days; −, does not grow; ND, not determined.

  • Deletion of the gene gor in the Δ gshA Δ trxB ahpC (G162–W169) strain does not result in loss of suppression.