Table 2.

Requirement for glutaredoxin and thioredoxin in suppressors of thiol redox mutant strains

StrainGrowth Growth with deletion
Wild type++++++++++++
Δgor ΔtrxB ahpC* (+F38)+++++++++
ΔgshB ΔtrxB ahpC* (+F38)+++++++++
ΔgshA ΔtrxB ahpC (V164G)++++++
ΔgshA ΔtrxB ahpC (E171Ter)++Very tiny
ΔgshA ΔtrxB ahpC (S71F)++ND
ΔgshA ΔtrxB ahpC (S71F, Δ E173)++++
ΔgshA ΔtrxB ahpC (G162–W169)++++++++
  • +++, grows similar to wild type (DHB4); ++, grows well but forms smaller colonies than wild type; +, forms tiny colonies after 1 day; Very tiny, forms good-sized colonies only after 2 days; −, does not grow; ND, growth not determined.