Table 2.

Percentage of genes in metabolic pathways per sample as determined by comparisons of homologous proteins that have undergone GO annotation

Annotation categorySample depth, mbsf
1 original1 amplified163250
Amino acid and derivative metabolism15.015.916.115.915.9
Carbohydrate metabolism17.014.615.718.114.6
Nitrogen compound metabolism11.611.612.312.211.4
Protein metabolism10.29.8011.29.5713.5
Cofactor metabolism7.368.306.865.666.48
RNA metabolism5.768.067.607.939.92
DNA metabolism7.987.868.527.746.80
Vitamin metabolism4.064.203.973.874.77
Cellular lipid metabolism4.893.563.443.623.56
Aromatic compound metabolism*2.402.413.802.692.83
Response to stress0.750.821.100.920.73
Cell communication*0.830.740.430.430.41
Phosphorus metabolism*0.680.670.380.500.41
Sulfur metabolism0.230.360.140.160.25
Secondary metabolism0.610.350.200.450.24
Cell cycle0.
External encapsulating structure0.
Cell division0.
  • The differences between 1 original and 1 amplified have been used as a measure of “noise.” The * denotes categories with an above-noise degree of change consistent with a depth trend. More detailed annotation information may be found in Dataset S1.