Table 2.

Nonparametric estimates of nursing home use and out-of-pocket costs from age 57 to end of life, n = 3,336

95% confidence interval
Nursing home use and OOP spendingMeanLowerUpper
Lifetime NH use
Percent with any lifetime use55.754.157.4
Mean no. of nights272253292
Lifetime OOP spending
Percent with any OOP spending31.630.033.2
Mean dollars7,3446,5198,168
  • “95% confidence interval” gives the lower and upper bounds for the 95% confidence intervals. “Mean no. of nights” gives average lifetime number of nights in nursing home, averaged over all individuals, not just those with nursing home use. “OOP spending” means out-of-pocket spending on nursing home use. Spending is expressed in 2013 dollars as a present value at age 57 with a real discount rate of 3%. NH, nursing home; OOP, out-of-pocket.