Table 1.

Change in cover-weighted mean elevation of ten most widely distributed species in the Deep Canyon Transect

SpeciesMean elevation, m
Change, m
Abies concolor(evergreen needleleaf tree)2,4212,51896
Pinus jeffreyi(evergreen needleleaf tree)2,2402,26728
Quercus chrysolepis(evergreen broadleaf tree or shrub)1,9872,03347
Rhus ovata(evergreen shrub)1,4571,51861
Ceanothus greggiivar. perplexans(evergreen shrub)1,6021,67170
Quercus cornelius-mulleri(evergreen shrub)1,4851,52237
Larrea tridentata(evergreen shrub)317459142
Ambrosia dumosa(drought deciduous shrub)630748118
Encelia farinosa(drought deciduous shrub)574674100
Agave deserti(evergreen succulent)693643−50
  • Mean change in elevation, 65 m; 95% confidence interval, 34 m.