Table 2.

Geographic north versus magnetic north as references for body orientation of cattle originating from localities with naturally high declination values

DeclinationGeographic north mean vector
Magnetic north mean vector
No. of herdsNo. of cattle
Positive11.7°/191.7° (4.1–19.2°)0.85358.7°/178.7° (350.7–6.7°)0.83311,052
Negative333.3°/153.3° (318.5–348.1°)0.85347.5°/167.5° (332.7–2.3°)0.8511223
  • The data for localities with positive and negative declination values are analyzed separately to minimize the effect of compensation. Only herds with a significant mean vector (P < 0.05) were considered in the analysis. Both grand mean vectors were highly significant (Rayleigh test, P < 0.000000001). μ is given as XX°/XX° (N-S). Values in parentheses represent the 99% confidence intervals (with reference to north only).