Table 1.

Comparison of cytosine methylation in a CpG island-enriched promoter region of reelin measured after immunoprecipitation with 5m-cytosine or MeCP2 antibodies

Cytosine methylation of Reelin promoter, % of total
Antibody5m cytosineMeCP2
Control58 ± 3.062 ± 4.3
VPA (0.5 mmol/kg s.c. twice a day for 3 days)35 ± 4.0*38 ± 2.6*
Clozapine (15 μmol/kg s.c. twice a day for 3 days)38 ± 5.2*37 ± 7.9*
Clozapine + VPA9.2 ≥ 2.5**8.2 ± 1.2**
  • The ratio of methylated to total reelin promoter cytosines was determined in nucleosomes by measuring with PCR the fraction of reelin promoter immunoprecipitated with 5-methyl cytosine antibodies (left column) or MeCP2 antibodies (right column) vs the total reelin promoter (input) before immunoprecipitation. Control mice were treated for 7 days with MET (5.2 mmol/kg twice a day) followed by 3 days of treatment with vehicle. VPA and Clozapine were administered for 3 days after MET withdrawal. Each value is the mean ± SE of three mice. *, P < 0.05 when compared with control; **, P < 0.01 when compared with control. ANOVA followed by Bonferroni comparison.