Table 3.

FOXO3A3 genotype by case–control status

Case-Control StatusFOXO 3A3 Genotype (rs 2802292)
Average-Lived Phenotype*223 (55%)153 (38%)26 (6%)
Longevity Phenotype81 (38%)106 (50%)26 (12%)
p value for Pearson Exact test0.000091
p value after Bonferroni adjustment0.00135 
  • *Number and percentage of subjects from n = 402 ″average-lived″ decreased controls (mean attained age 78.5 years).

  • Number and percent of subjects from n = 213 ″long-lived″ cases (mean attained age 97.9 years).

  • From the exact Pearson χ2 test comparing the genotype frequencies in the cases and controls.