Table 4.

Association between 334 alleles in men and their wives' reports of marital qualities

QualityNo 334 (mean)One or two 334
Affectional expressionUnadjusted18.0 (2.99)17.4 (2.92)−0.641, 11310.080.002
Adjusted−0.391, 1114.300.04
Dyadic consensusUnadjusted65.4 (8.11)63.9 (8.57)−1.461, 1176.920.01
Adjusted−0.821, 1152.460.12
Dyadic cohesionUnadjusted19.5 (4.34)18.9 (4.10)−0.601, 1164.270.04
Adjusted−0.201, 1140.530.47
Dyadic satisfactionUnadjusted43.3 (3.14)43.2 (2.92)−0.121, 1110.490.49
  • Mean, Mean value on the outcome for the different DAS Scales for wives with standard deviation within brackets. Adjusted, Analysis with the Partner Bonding Scale included as a covariate. The category of subjects not carrying any 334 allele was used as reference group when constructing the regression estimates (β ). Analyses of adjusted values were only performed for the scales that were significantly associated with the 334 allele in the unadjusted analysis.