Table 1.

Radiocarbon dates and calibrations from Area M, Khirbat en-Nahas, Jordan

Calibrated dates (cal BC)
OxASample*StratumMaterialSpeciesDate+/−δ13C, ‰FromToFromTo
12436KEN06 M L511 B8501 EDM803721CharcoalTamarix?265932834799896792
12437KEN02 M L539 B90391CharcoalTamarix?274635917839976815
17630M1 KEN06 M L535 B10251CharcoalRetama raetam276425−25.3969846977835
17631M3 KEN06 M EDM91837 L2Charred seedsPhoenix dactylifera267626−21.3841803896800
17632M4 KEN06 M EDM91808 L2Charred seedsP. dactylifera271326−23.8896828908811
17633M5 KEN06 M EDM91641 L2Charred seedsP. dactylifera273425−24.4900841925819
17634M6 KEN06 M EDM90466 L2CharcoalHaloxylon persicum278325−10.89769001005846
17635M6 KEN06 M EDM90466 L2CharcoalH. persicum277725−11.19768601000844
17636M7 KEN06 M EDM90378 L2Charred seedsP. dactylifera273225−24.5899840922819
17637M8 KEN06 M EDM90395 L1CharcoalP. dactylifera283626−22.710229331110913
17638M9 KEN06 M EDM91773 L2Charred seedsP. dactylifera281425−24.010019281038904
17639M10 KEN06 M EDM914621Charred seedsP. dactylifera267826−23.8841804896801
17640M11 KEN06 M EDM910983CharcoalTamarix sp.277025−26.1972851996840
17641M12 KEN06 M EDM907543CharcoalAcacia sp.276725−10.1971848996837
17642M13 KEN06 M B102793CharcoalTamarix sp.278125−9.89768981003846
17643M15 KEN06 M EDM911753CharcoalTamarix sp.281326−25.510019271041903
17644M16 KEN06 M EDM912113CharcoalTamarix sp.282425−23.410089321047912
17645M17 KEN06 M EDM908323CharcoalTamarix sp.274725−24.8913843972827
17646M18 KEN06 M B102853CharcoalTamarix sp.287126−23.4111210051129936
17647M19 KEN06 M EDM911923CharcoalH. persicum276425−11.4969846977835
17702M2 KEN06 M EDM90181 L2CharcoalR. raetam274030−23.6906841972816
17703M14 KEN06 M EDM905273Charred seedsP. dactylifera279230−25.39939061013845
  • Dates are calibrated using the IntCal04 data set (31) and the OxCal calibration program v4.0 (30). Only the outer limits of the ranges are shown.

  • *, All samples from 2006 excavation except 12436 & 12437 from 2002.