1AMany of the unhappy things in people’s lives are partly due to bad luck.
BPeople’s misfortunes result from the mistakes they make.
2AOne of the major reasons why we have wars is because people don’t take enough interest in politics.
BThere will always be wars, no matter how hard people try to prevent them.
3AIn the long run people get the respect they deserve in this world.
BUnfortunately, an individual’s worth often passes unrecognized no matter how hard he tries.
4AThe idea that teachers are unfair to students is nonsense.
BMost students don’t realize the extent to which their grades are influenced by accidental happenings.
5AWithout the right breaks one cannot be an effective leader.
BCapable people who fail to become leaders have not taken advantage of their opportunities.
6ANo matter how hard you try some people just don’t like you.
BPeople who can’t get others to like them don’t understand how to get along with others.
7AI have often thought that what is going to happen will happen.
BTrusting to fate has never turned out as well for me as making a decision to take a definite course of action.
8AIn the case of the well-prepared student there is rarely if ever such a thing as an unfair test.
BMany times examination questions tend to be so unrelated to course work that studying in really useless.
9ABecoming a success is a matter of hard work; luck has little or nothing to do with it.
BGetting a good job depends mainly on being in the right place at the right time.
10AThe average citizen can have an influence in government decisions.
BThis world is run by the few people in power, and there is not much the little guy can do about it.
11AWhen I make plans, I am almost certain that I can make them work.
BIt is not always wise to plan too far ahead because many things turn out to be a matter of good or bad fortune anyhow.
12AIn my case getting what I want has little or nothing to do with luck.
BMany times we might just as well decide what to do by flipping a coin.
13AWho gets to be the boss often depends on who was lucky enough to be in the right place first.
BGetting people to do the right thing depends upon ability, luck has little or nothing to do with it.
14AAs far as world affairs are concerned, most of us are the victims of forces we can neither understand, nor control.
BBy taking an active part in political and social affairs the people can control world events.
15AMost people don’t realize the extent to which their lives are controlled by accidental happenings.
BThere really is no such thing as “luck.”
16AIt is hard to know whether or not a person really likes you.
BHow many friends you have depends upon how nice a person you are.
17AIn the long run the bad things that happen to us are balanced by the good ones.
BMost misfortunes are the result of lack of ability, ignorance, laziness, or all three.
18AWith enough effort we can wipe out political corruption.
BIt is difficult for people to have much control over the things politicians do in office.
19ASometimes I can’t understand how teachers arrive at the grades they give.
BThere is a direct connection between how hard I study and the grades I get.
20AMany times I feel that I have little influence over the things that happen to me.
BIt is impossible for me to believe that chance or luck plays an important role in my life.
21APeople are lonely because they don’t try to be friendly.
BThere’s not much use in trying too hard to please people, if they like you, they like you.
22AWhat happens to me is my own doing.
BSometimes I feel that I don’t have enough control over the direction my life is taking.
23AMost of the time I can’t understand why politicians behave the way they do.
BIn the long run the people are responsible for bad government on a national as well as on a local level.