Table 2.

Injections with donor DNA

DonorParents, nYielders, n (%)Mutants, nHR/total, n (%)
4.16 kb circ, 1.5 mg/mL6131 (51)43724/355 (6.8)
4.16 kb, lin, 0.85 mg/mL15763 (40)13800/52 (0)
0.5 kb, lin, 0.125 mg/mL926 (6)300/25 (0)
  • Injection mixes included the ryA and ryB mRNAs and the indicated donor DNAs and concentrations. Parents, yielders, and mutants are as in Table 1. The number of mutations that were products of HR with donor DNA is given in the final column, over the total number subjected to molecular analysis, with the percent HR in parentheses. The 3-kb plasmid backbone was present with the 4.16-kb donor in both the circular and linear configurations. The concentration of the 0.5-kb PCR product was adjusted so that the concentration of donor molecules was similar to that with the longer donor. The yield of mutants was significantly lower with the 0.5-kb donor in 2 experiments, for unknown reasons.