Table 1.

NY-ESO-1 antigen specific response in patients treated with anti-CTLA-4 antibody

IDClinical response (months)NY-ESO-1 Ab responseNY-ESO-1 CD4 responseNY-ESO-1 CD8 responsePolyfunctional CD4 and/or CD8 response
IMF-2*PR (25+)----
IMF-3*PR (21+)++++a+++b
IMF-8*SD (22+)+++++b++b+++b
IMF-11*CR (19+)-++b++b++b
IMF-13SD (21+)----
IMF-16PR (20+)+++++++++
IMF-17CR (19+)++++++++
IMF-18SD (23+)+++++b++a
IMF-4PD and death----
IMF-6PD and death-+--
IMF-7PD and death-NDNDND
IMF-9PD and death----
IMF-10PD and death-NDNDND
IMF-15*PD and death----
IMF-19*PD and death----
  • ND = Not determined. NY-ESO-1 Ab titer: ″-″=negative; ″+″=100–1,000; ″++″=1000–10,000; ″+++″= >10,000. NY-ESO-1 T-cell response: ″-″ = <0.1%; ″+″= 0.1–0.5%; ″++″=0.5–5%; ″+++″= >5%. Changes of T-cell response before and after-therapy: ″a″=3∼10 fold over baseline; ″b″= higher than 10 fold over baseline. No availability of pre therapy, wk7/12 and wk20 PBMCs for patients IMF-2, 16, 17. ″*″= tumor obtained for immunhistochemical analysis, Tumor tissues from patient IMF-3 and 8 were positive for NY-ESO-1, tumor tissues from patients IMF-2,11,15,18 were negative for NY-ESO-1 by immunhistochemical analysis.