Table 1.

Classification of clusters of C〈1,*〉1 and C〈2,*〉1

(6,7)FClosed end funds
(8,3)TIT Products/services
(9,6)FRegional banking, S&Ls
(10,7)FClosed-end funds, debt
(12,1)SStrip mall stores
(14,4)NEU countries
(15,5)BOil ans Gas
(16,3)TSemiconductors, electronics
(17,6)FRegional banking, S&Ls
(20,7)FRegional banking
(24,2)HDrugs/medical supplies
(27,5)BIndustrial metals
(29,1)CGrocery store items
(31,4)NChina and India
(32,4)NLatin America, non-EU
European countries
(33,3)TComputer components
(34,1)SMedia companies
(35,7)FBrokerages, asset/credit management
(37,5)BOil and gas drilling
(38,2)HHealth care plans
(39,1)SShipping (air and rail)
(41,1)SRes taurants
(42,3)TInternet services
(45,1)CAuto parts/manufacture
(48,1)IResidential construction
(49,5)BGold industries
  • Clusters are recorded as (a,b) where a is the C〈1,*〉1 label and b is the C〈2,*〉1 label. Sectors are identified via Yahoo! Finance labels as B (basic materials), C (consumer goods), F (financial), H (healthcare), I (industrial goods), N (none), S (services), T (technology), and U (utilities).