Table 2.

Results of short-term (1988–present) and long-term (entirety of available data) correlation comparisons among longitudinal visitor data at public lands in the U.S. and abroad

Long-termShort-term comparisons of time series
NFV 0.931, 0.494 RCNANANANA
<0.0005**, <0.0005**
SPV<0.928<0.777RC 0.881, 0.762 <0.758NS
<0.0005**<0.0005**<0.0005**, 0.028*<0.002**
BLMV<0.644<0.653 0.881, 0.762 RC<0.815NS
<0.002**<0.011*<0.0005**, 0.028*<0.0005**
JapanNPV 0.824, 0.380 0.857, 0.571 0.928*, 0.636 NSRC−0.709
<0.0005**, <0.0005**<0.0005**, <0.0005**<0.0005**, 0.011*0.022*
  • Results of short-term comparisons are given above the diagonal formed by redundant comparisons (RC), and long-term comparisons are given below that diagonal. Correlation coefficients and P values are reported for significant correlations; cells marked “NS” indicate no significant result. Where time series were significantly correlated in both raw and difference model form, data are in bold type and split; the raw (Left) and difference model (Right) results are given. *, significant at the 0.05 level; **, significant at the 0.01 level. National Forest data were unavailable or unreliable for the majority of the short-term timeframe, so no short-term correlations were tested (NA).