Table 1.

Brain areas in which activity is significantly greater for stimuli rated as beautiful rather than not beautiful

Subject genderTime interval
FemaleLeft superior parietal (BA 7)medial postcentral and left superior parietal (BA 5–3)Right angular gyrus (BA 39)Left inferior parietal (BA 40)No differencesRight angular gyrus (BA 39)
MaleRight postcentral (BA 43)Right postcentral (BA 43) and right inferior parietal (BA 40)Right angular gyrus (BA 39)Right superior parietal (BA 7) with an extension towards the angular gyrus (BA 39)Right angular gyrus (BA 39) and right precentral-postcentral (BA 4–3)Left precentral-postcentral (BA 6–4)
  • All reported differences are statistically significant (P < 0.001). Areas correspond to those used by Tzourio-Mazoyer et al. (15). In parentheses: BA, Brodmann area, following Brodmann's nomenclature.