Table 2.

Regression of risk aversion on digit ratio

Whole sample
Only men
Only women
Average digit ratio41.7669.544−2.370−37.161−43.28579.03486.532
Gender: Female = 17.544***9.575***
Testosterone (pg/mL)0.0370.051−0.019
  • This table shows Ordinary Least Squares regressions of the premium a subject was willing to pay to avoid a 50/50 lottery $0/$200 on the 2D:4D digit ratio. Risk aversion is positively correlated with the digit ratio. Heteroschedasticity robust standard errors are reported in brackets.

  • * Means significantly different from zero at the 10% level (two-tail t test),

  • ** at the 5% level, and

  • *** at the 1% level.