Table 1.

Summary of regions and cell types targeted with promoter:FLAG-RPL18 lines established in Arabidopsis thaliana (Col-0)

Target cell typePromoter
Near constitutiveCauliflower mosaic virus 35S (p35S)
Root proliferating cellsRibosomal protein L11C (pRPL11C)
Root endodermis, quiescent centerSCARECROW (pSCR)
Root vasculatureSHORTROOT (pSHR)
Root vasculatureWOODENLEG (pWOL)
Root and shoot phloem companion cellsSucrose transporter2 (pSUC2)
Root phloem companion cells, shoot bundle sheathSulfate transporter (pSULTR2;2)
Root atrichoblast epidermis, shoot trichomes*GLABRA2 (pGL2)
Root cortex meristematic zoneCortex specific transcript (pCO2)
Root cortex elongation and maturation zoneEndopeptidase (pPEP)
Shoot photosyntheticRubisco small subunit (pRBCS1A)
Cotyledon and leaf epidermisCuticular wax gene (pCER5)
Cotyledon and leaf guard cellsK+ channel (pKAT1)
  • *, pGL2 was expressed in the targeted cell type and in the root phloem companion cells.