Table 2.

Slopes of the relative linear decrease of genetic variation within populations, estimated from the average heterozygosity (or equivalent quantity for Y chromosome) of each population, as a function of its geographic distance from Addis Ababa (see also Fig. S6 and Table S4)

ChromosomeMarkersSourceSlope (absolute value)
All autosomes + X783 microsatellitesRef. 116.5 × 10−6
All autosomes + X650,000 SNPsRef. 123.8 × 10−6
X chromosomesHaplotypesRef. 1218.8 × 10−6
Y chromosomeNRY haplogroupsThis article25.7 × 10−6
  • The decrease has been postulated to be due to drift caused by the serial founder effect (11). Geographic distance in km. All slopes are negative: their absolute values are given in the table.