Table 3.

Hazard ratios for relationships of cardiovascular fitness at age 18 y with education and occupational outcomes in Swedish men enlisted for military service in 1968–1994

EventCardiovascular fitnessNo. of eventsAdjusted HR (95% CI)
Education/university outcomePer stanine score230,5671.09 (1.09–1.10)
Scores 6–9 vs. 1–4103,4441.78 (1.75–1.81)
Occupation/SEI 3 outcomePer stanine score56,6971.13 (1.12–1.13)
Scores 6–9 vs. 1–448,4591.51 (1.47–1.55)
  • The relationships between cardiovascular fitness at age 18 and subsequent time dependent events; obtaining a university degree (compared to pre-high school or high school) or achieving an occupation with a high socioeconomic index; SEI 3 (compared to an occupation with a low socioeconomic index; SEI 1). SEI 1, unskilled/semi-skilled worker in manufacturing sector; skilled worker in manufacturing sector; unskilled/semi-skilled worker in service sector; or skilled worker in service sector. SEI 2, lower-level non-manual employees (education <2 y high school), lower-level non-manual employees (education 2 y high school), intermediate-level non-manual employees, farmers, and other self-employed. SEI 3, self-employed with academic education, manager, higher civil servants, and senior salaried employees.