Table 1.

Patients from four independent families with chromosome integrated HHV-6

Family numberAge, sexSubjectDisease stageHHV-6 qPCR,* copies per mLHHV-6 subtypeChromosome HHV-6 FISHPercent sequence identity to HHV-6A (U1102)
U94Direct repeat
158, MFatherAsymptomatic629,000A18q2398%98%
154, FMotherPCR negativeNegativeNegativen/an/an/a
124, MSibling-1Asymptomatic1,400,000A18q2398%Not done
122, FSibling-2CNS dysfunction, hypersomnia1,700,000A18q2398%Not done
112, MSibling-3CNS dysfunction, ataxia1,600,000A18q23Not doneNot done
280, FMotherMild dementia625,000A17p13.398%Not done
245, FSibling-1CNS dysfunction, fatigue4,100,000A17p13.398%98%
376, MFatherAsymptomatic2,000,000B22q13.3Not doneNot done
361, FMotherPCR negativeNegativeNegativen/an/an/a
334, MSibling-1CNS dysfunction, fatigue2,000,000B22q13.3Not doneNot done
462, FMotherAsymptomatic4,000,000BNot doneNot doneNot done
436, MSibling-1Asymptomatic4,500,000BNot doneNot doneNot done
429, FSibling-2CNS dysfunction, fatigue, ataxia4,200,000BNot doneNot doneNot done
  • *qPCR on whole blood completed by ViraCor Laboratories (Lee's Summit, MO).

  • Subtypes were determined using PCR with subtype-specific primers.