Table 2.

Training effects on brain activity (activity greater for the contrast W-FF after than before training)

MNI coordinate
TrainingBrain areaxyzZk
GGL FFG*−45−78−124.6826
L Cuneus−21−90303.9329
R ITG, FFG57−69−33.8829
R Cuneus3−90333.7352
NCNo significant voxel at P < 0.001, k ≥ 15
GG > NCL FFG*−45−75−154.7319
R ITG, FFG57−72−34.0833
NC > GGNo significant voxel at P < 0.001, k ≥ 15
  • Listed are MNI coordinates (x, y, z) of cluster maxima for P < 0.001, k ≥ 15 (uncorrected). FF, false fonts; FFG, fusiform gyrus, ITG, inferior temporal gyrus; L, left; R, right, W, words.

  • *Maxima of clusters survive family-wise error correction at P < 0.05.