Table 1.

Enriched de novo motifs in Gli1-bound regions

MotifParameterHigh-confidence regions (total 510)Regions with Gli motif (total 273)Regions without Gli motif (total 237)High-confidence regions (total 1,060)Regions with Gli motif (total 519)Regions without Gli motif (total 541)
Embedded ImageNo. with motif273519
95% CI2.24–3.102.93–3.90
No. with motif1338944491243248
95% CI0.84–1.120.93–1.350.58–0.901.65–2.011.30–1.691.61–2.16
  • CI, confidence interval.

  • *Enrichments were calculated as ratios: percentage of regions containing the indicated motif(s) vs. percentage of control regions with the same motif(s). Enrichment ratios were computed 1,000 times, each time with a different set of control regions. Control regions were randomly selected such that the distance between the control region and the closest transcription start site (TSS) has the same probability distribution as the distance between the TileMap ranked region and the TSS.