Table 1.

Rescue of pink1 loss of function wing posture by DJ-1

Genotype*Rescue % (fraction)
pink1B9;;da-GAL4/+29.4 (20/68)
pink1B9;UAS-pink1/+;da-GAL4/+64.7 (11/17)
pink1B9;UAS-parkinC2;da-GAL497.6 (41/42)
pink1B9;UAS-sDJ-1b/+;da-GAL4/+52.8 (19/36)
pink1B9;UAS-DJ-1a;da-GAL4/+57.4 (35/61)
pink1B9;UAS-hDJ-1;da-GAL4/+57.9 (22/38)
  • *pink1B9 denotes a deletion in pink1 gene, parkinC2 is wild-type parkin, sDJ-1b is wild-type DJ-1b.

  • Male fly wing posture was scored in 6-day adult flies at 25 °C, with the number of flies rescued/total scored.