Table 1.

The Ornstein-Zernike correlation lengths ξ of water as a function of temperature

Temperature (°C)Correlation length ξ (Å)
ALS 2009 (2)Huang 2009 (1)Huang 2009 (2)TIP4P-Ew (1)TIP4P-Ew (2)
75–802.8 (3.0)1.452.71.1
251.23.1 (3.1)

Derived from the SAXS experiments reported here (ALS 2009) and from Huang et al. 2009 (16), and from simulated TIP4P-Ew data. The correlation lengths are estimated from two procedures for evaluating the normal component of scattering: (1) SN(Q) dependent on Q and (2) SN(Q) = SN (0) (see Methods). The numbers in parentheses are values reported in ref. 16.