Table 2.

Tests for income satiation of life evaluation and emotional well-being

Positive affectBlue affectStressLadder
Top vs. second0.00350.00130.00550.2264
 t value(1.9)(0.6)(1.5)(19.4)
Second vs. third0.0082−0.01310.00160.2268
 t value(4.4)(5.7)(0.4)(19.7)
 Top group72,74473,10473,10973,068
 Second group40,13640,29140,30140,283
 Third group88,88789,27889,29089,245
  • The coefficients reported are the differences in mean outcomes between the two indicated income categories. The top category is >$10,000/mo, the second category is $7,500–$9,999/mo, and the third category $5,000–$7,499/mo. SEs are corrected for spatial clustering within zip codes.