Table 1.

MPH effect: drug-word fMRI task in 13 CUD and 14 healthy controls

BASideNumber of voxelsZP cluster-level correctedxyz
 Posterior cingulate cortex23, 31L4815.20.000−9−3030
 rvACC/mOFC10, 32M465.00.006*036−3
 cdACC24, 32R1014.20.0126−945
24, 32L1014.20.012−3936
 Superior occipital gyrus19R1635.30.00127−7827
 Superior frontal gyrus8L1315.20.004−124242
 Posterior cingulate cortex23, 31L6875.50.000−12−2733
23, 31R6875.50.0009−2730
Group by medication interaction
 Medial/superior frontal gyrus8, 9M1404.60.00304239
 Precentral gyrus4L724.20.041−42−642
 Fusiform gyrus19L684.30.049−27−693
Correlations with behavior (as seed variable): MPH > PL across all subjects
 Drug words
   mOFC10, 32L27+3.50.024−942−6
  Errors of omission
   mOFC10, 32L27−3.40.024−942−6
  Errors of commission
   mOFC, medial frontal gyrus10, 32R35−3.20.0163519
   Inferior temporal gyrus37L87−3.90.009−42−570
   Middle temporal gyrus21R148+3.80.00148−393
 Neutral words
  Errors of commission
Correlations with drug use (as seed variable): CUD only
 Marijuana use: lifetime (MPH, neutral words)
  Medial frontal gyrus/DLPFC9L36−4.10.039−424230
 Alcohol use: lifetime (placebo, neutral words)
  Posterior caudateL43+4.00.028−27−369
 Cocaine use: last 30 d (placebo, neutral words)
  Medial frontal gyrus/DLPFC6, 8, 9L64+3.90.004−392130
  Inferior parietal lobule40R47+3.90.02033−5130
  • All results were P < 0.05 cluster-level corrected and P < 0.001 voxel-level uncorrected, 20 voxels minimum. Drug-word fMRI task had no significant results for control subjects and all word-related comparisons. MPH, methylphenidate; CUD, individuals with cocaine-use disorders; BA, Brodmann Area; PL, placebo; L, left; R, right; M, middle; rvACC/mOFC, rostroventral anterior cingulate cortex/medial orbitofrontal cortex; cdACC, caudal-dorsal anterior cingulate cortex; DLPFC, dorsolateral prefrontal cortex; Z (+) value, positive correlation; Z (−) value, negative correlation.

  • *Small-volume correction (SVC).

  • P < 0.05 cluster-level corrected and P < 0.005 voxel-level uncorrected, 20 voxels minimum, with an SVC (at 10 voxels radius).