Table 1.

Receptor affinity, relative potency and maximal displacement of 125I-CXCL12 by bivalent nanobodies in comparison with their monovalent counterparts

NanobodyDisplacement, %Ki, nMRelative potency
238D2-15GS-238D4 (L3)920.3528*/17
238D2-20GS-238D4 (L8)1030.3627*/17
238D2-20GS-238C5 (L6)11044.70.18*
238D2-20GS-238B10 (L10)43>100<0.10*
238D2 + 238D4 (1:1)9210.01.0*/0.6
  • *Potency relative to those of monovalent 238D2.

  • Potency relative to those of monovalent 238D4.

  • Maximum not reached at the highest test concentration of 0.5 μM, displacement at 0.5 μM.