Table 2.

Shared PUF target mRNAs in humans, C. elegans, and Drosophila

Human C. elegans Drosophila Protein description
ARAF* lin-45 phl MAP kinase kinase kinase/RAF (MAPK pathway)
ECT2§ ect-2 pbl RhoGEF
RKTG* § Y67A10A.8CG7530 Haemolysin-III-related protein/RAF inhibitor
PDK1§ pdk-1 Pk61C 3-phosphoinositide-dependent protein kinase (PI3/Akt pathway)
FOXO3* § daf-16 foxo Forkhead/HNF3 transcription factor (PI3/Akt pathway)
NFKBIA* § C33A11.1 cact NF-κB transcription factor inhibitor (NF-κB pathway)
CSL* § lag-1 Su(H) CSL transcription factor (Notch pathway)
LMBR1* § R05D3.2CG5807 Lipocalin transmembrane receptor family
PARD3§/B* par-3 baz Atypical PKC-interacting protein
CCNT2* cit-1.1/1.2 CycT Cyclin T
CCNB1§/2* § cyb-1/2.1/2.2 CycB Cyclin B
ITSN2* itsn-1 Dap160 Intersectin
SMAP1* W09D10.1CG8243 ARF GTPase-activating protein
AP1S1* aps-1 AP-1σ Clathrin adapter complex, σ1 subunit
RAB5B* § rab-5 Rab5 Rab GTPase
SLC25A40* C16C10.1 Tyler Mitochondrial solute carrier
SLC37A3§ T10C6.6CG10069 Major facilitator superfamily solute carrier
LARP5§ larp-5 CG11505 Metazoan-specific La protein
RBM7* Y37D8A.21CG11454 RRM-containing RNA-binding protein
HNRNPA3 H28G03.1 Hrb98DE hnRNA-binding protein
TIS11* § oma-1/2 Tis11 CCCH zinc finger protein
ZCCHC11§ pup-2 CG11418 Nucleotidyltransferase proteins
EIF4E* § ife-5 eIF-4E Translation initiation factor 4E
RBM25* § W04D2.6CG4119 snRNP complex protein
MBTD1* lin-61 Sfmbt Polycomb group protein
HMG20A§ W02D9.3CG9418 High-mobility group DNA-binding protein
EPC2 epc-1 E(Pc) Enhancer of Polycomb family
CYP3A4 cyp-13B1 Cyp6a19 Cytochrome P450
OSBPL9* §/10* § obr-4 CG1513 Oxysterol-binding protein
ZDHHC6* M18.8CG5196 DHHC zinc finger, putative palmitoyltransferase
MAPRE3* ebp-2 Eb1 Microtubule-binding protein
CHPF* mig-22 CG4351 Chondroitin N-acetylgalactosaminyltransferase
WIPI2* atg-18 CG8678 Autophagy protein
  • *Human PUM1 (16).

  • Human PUM2 (16).

  • Drosophila adult Pumilio (15).

  • §Human PUM1 (17).

  • Drosophila adult Pumilio (15).