Table 1.

Results of QTL analyses for FLT: Chromosome; position; and -log10(P) values for SIM, CIM, and the final subset of QTLs after backward selection

ChrPos, cMPos, MbSIMCIMFinal subsetPossible candidate geneGene no.Position of candidate gene (TAIR9), Mb
120442.2CRY2 (19)AT1G044001.2
1397.*GI (20)AT1G227708.1
111222.*FT (21)AT1G6548024.3
114729.41.8FLM (22)AT1G7708028.9
21023.6SVP (23)AT2G225409.6
420.43742.950.1FRI (24)AT4G006500.3
5122.41913.326.6*FLC (25)AT5G101403.2
5244.816FRL1 (26)AT5G163205.3
5397.89.12.2HUA2 (27)AT5G231507.8
5479.42.6FPF1 (28)AT5G248608.5
  • Some of the QTLs were close to candidate genes. Chr, chromosome; Pos, position.

  • *QTL main effects were significant.

  • QTL main effects and QTLs by cross-interaction effects were significant.