Table 2.

Summary of NV virus challenge and rechallenge studies in naïve and vaccinated chimpanzees

StudyChimpanzee IDInitial inoculumChallenge with NV*, mo p.i./p.v.EIA antibody titer at time of challenge against VLPOutcome of challenge
NV (GI) rechallenge after initial NV InfectionA3A023NV41:3,200 (NV)Protected
A3A008NV101:1,600 (NV)Protected
A3A023NV241:800 (NV)Protected
A2A014Seroneg. control<100 (NV)Infected
NV (GI) challenge after NV VLP vaccinationAOA007NV VLP21:100,000 (NV)Protected
AOA006NV VLP21:50,000 (NV)Protected
A3A007Placebo control2<100 (NV)Infected
NV (GI) rechallenge after NV VLP vaccinationAOA007NV VLP181:12,800 (NV)Protected
AOA006NV VLP181:3,200 (NV)Protected
A6A007Seronegative control<100 (NV)Infected
NV challenge after MD (GII) vaccinationA6A014MD VLP21:100,000 (MD)Infected
A5A010MD VLP21:100,000 (MD)Infected
4X0533Placebo control2<100 (MD)Infected
  • *All chimpanzees were inoculated with 1CID.

  • EIA antibody titer determined against VLP, which is indicated within the parenthesis next to the titer value. NV, Norwalk virus; MD, MD145 norovirus.