Table 1.

Older adults demographic and neuropsychological variables

MeasurementValue (SD)
Age71 (4)
Years of education17 (2)
MMSE28 (1)
RAVLT 5-trial total51 (9)
RAVLT immediate recall11 (2)
RAVLT delayed recall10 (3)
Digit span18 (5)
WAIS full-scale IQ118 (7)
Trails A28 (10)
Trails B61 (15)
Verbal fluency48 (11)
Category fluency21 (5)
Letter-number sequencing10 (3)
  • Scores are shown as mean (SD). MMSE, Mini-Mental State Examination; RAVLT, Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test; WAIS, Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale. All scores were within norms.