Table 1.

Effects of NSAIDs and other analgesics on treatment response to citalopram in humans

RemissionNo Remissionremission rate (%)P value
NSAID18222744.5P = 0.0002
No NSAID62850955.2
Analgesic528837.1P = 0.0002
No analgesic75864853.9
Both (NSAID and analgesic)234036.5P = 0.0138
Either (NSAID or analgesic)21127543.4P < 0.0001
Vitamins443158.7P = 0.2874
No vitamins76670552.1
  • Number of patients in remission or not in remission at the end of 12 wk of treatment with citalopram shown as a function of presence or absence of various concomitant treatments. Data were analyzed using Fisher's exact test; P < 0.05 indicated a statistically significant relationship between the concomitant medication and the treatment outcome.