Table 1.

The stimuli were 12 items long sequences obtained by concatenating constituents of fixed sizes extracted from natural or jabberwocky right-branching sentences

ConditionConstituent sizeExamples
c1212 wordsI believe that you should accept the proposal of your new associate
I tosieve that you should begept the tropufal of your tew viroate
c066 wordsthe mouse that eats our cheese two clients examine this nice couch
the couse that rits our treeve fow plients afomine this kice bloch
c044 wordsmayor of the city he hates this color they read their names
tuyor of the roty he futes this dator they gead their wames
c033 wordssolving a problem repair the ceiling he keeps reading will buy some
relging a grathem regair the fraping he meeps bouding will doy some
c022 wordslooking ahead important task who dies his dog few holes they write
troking ahead omirpant fran who mies his gog few biles they grite
c011 wordthing very tree where of watching copy tensed they states heart plus
thang very gree where of wurthing napy gunsed they otes blart trus
  • In jabberwocky, all content words were replaced with pseudowords (italics). Examples are only illustrative, because the original stimuli were in French.