Table 4.

Effects of MNR on gene expression of key regulatory proteins of cerebral development

Gene nameGene IDProtein encodedBiological functionControlsMNRRatioDirectionP valueGenBank accession no.Affymetrix probe ID
AChEACHEAChEECM organization0.64 ± 0.13−0.42 ± 0.332.1Down0.01NM_015831205378_s_at
Actin, βACTBβ-ActinCell motility6.74 ± 0.046.58 ± 0.031.1Down0.01X0035100351_m_at
BCL2-associated athanogene 3BAG3Bcl-2Antiapoptosis Cellular macromolecule and protein metabolism−0.41 ± 0.09−1.00 ± 0.221.5Down0.03NM_004281217911_s_at
EPH receptor B2EPHB2EphB2Axonogenesis and guidance0.93 ± 0.060.52 ± 0.141.3Down0.02L41939210651_s_at
Cell migration and motility
Cellular macromolecule and protein metabolism
Neurogenesis and neuronal differentiation
Myosin, heavy chain 10, nonmuscleMYH10MHC-BCell division Cell migration and motility Cellular macromolecule and protein metabolism4.26 ± 0.054.04 ± 0.051.2Down0.02AK026977212372_at
NCAMNRCAMPSA-NCAMCell-cell adhesion Cell migration and motility1.90 ± 0.141.16 ± 0.291.7Down0.04NM_005010204105_s_at
ECM organization
Axo-, neurogenesis, and neuronal differentiation
Zinc finger protein 259ZNF259ZPR1DNA-dependent transcription−0.47 ± 0.100.01 ± 0.141.4Up0.02NM_003904200054_at