Characteristics of the three mutant classes

StrainAlkaline phosphatase activity*ompAMotilityCu2+ resistanceDsbC dependence§LocusNo. of mutants
Wild type159.3  ± 12.4++++++
dsbA::kan4  ± 1.8++
Class I7.9  ± 1.6++Yes dipZ 5
Class II22.2  ± 4.9+++Yes dipZ 2
Class III10.5  ± 4.9++−/+Yes trxA 1
Class II/dsbC2.2  ± 1.6
Class III/dsbCNot assayed
  • Phosphatase assays were performed as described in Materials and Methods on strains carrying the phoA68 signal sequence mutation. 

  • Indicates whether or not the strains contain an intact ompA gene. 

  • Cu2+ resistance refers to the ability of the strain to grow in the presence of 4 mM cupric sulfate. 

  • DsbC dependence indicates whether suppression depends on the presence of a functional dsbC allele.