Photo and hormonal control of floral reversion

GenotypeLight and hormone treatmentFlowers per plant showing floral reversion*No. of plants scored
WTSD0.4 (0.7)9
lfy-6(+/−)SD12 (2.2)16
lfy-6(+/−)SD(D)15 (6.5)31
lfy-6(+/−) hy1-1SD(D)1.9 (2.7)30
lfy-6(+/−)SD + 0.5 hr red NB4.0 (5.4)24
lfy-6(+/−)SD + 2 hr red NB0.1 (0.3)16
lfy-6(+/−)SD(D) + 10−5 M GA30.1 (0.5)15
lfy-6(+/−) spy-2SD(D)017
lfy-6(+/−) spy-3SD(D)024
ag-1SD(D)16 (4.5)16
ag-1 hy1-1SD(D)015
ag-1SD + 0.5 hr red NB0.2 (0.4)6
ag-1SD + 2 hr red NB04
ag-1SD(D) + 10−5 M GA3014
  • Growth conditions and light regimes are described in Materials and Methods. NB, night break (29). 

  • Average number of flowers per primary inflorescence per plant displaying ectopic shoot development or swollen ovaries. Standard deviation values are given in parentheses. No floral meristem reversion was observed in hy1, spy-2, spy-3, or WT + 10−5 M GA3 control plants grown under SD conditions. 

  • Heterozygous lfy-6 plants were confirmed by F1 analysis.