Mean LD50 values for neo-control and HA-BAX SW626 transfectants

DrugLD50,* μM P valueLD50(neo)/ LD50(BAX)
Paclitaxel0.20 ± 0.030.02 ± 0.010.00110.0
Vincristine0.142 ± 0.110.006 ± 0.0010.000123.7
Doxorubicin0.21 ± 0.070.035 ± 0.020.0016.0
CBDCA9.5 ± 2.012.0 ±
VP-162.8 ± 0.82.6 ±
Hydroxyurea0.025 ± 0.0050.026 ± 0.0090.20.96
  • Cells were grown at subconfluent density in plastic wells over a 3-day period in the presence of various drugs as indicated, followed by trypsinization and assessment of viability by trypan blue exclusion. LD50 values reflect the amount of drug necessary to achieve 50% cell kill compared to cells grown in medium alone. Data are expressed as mean ± SEM LD50 for either neo-control clones (n = 3, clones B10, A10, and F8) or HA-BAX clones (n = 3, clones D8, A9, and D7), as indicated. 

  • P values determined by two-sided Student’s t test. Significant enhancement of cytotoxicity was observed in HA-BAX-expressing clones treated with paclitaxel, vincristine, and doxorubicin.