Immunization against mouse gp75

Source of gp75AdjuvantNo of injectionsRouteDoseAb/CTL Response
B16 melanomaNone1s.c., i.v.50, 00No response
Irradiated B16None5i.p.8 × 106No response
Irradiated B16F, D, Q5i.p.8 × 106No response
3.27 txNone5i.p., s.c.8 × 106No response
3.27 txF, D, Q5i.p., s.c.8 × 106No response
TIB88/gp75 txF4i.p., s.c.5 × 106No response
B16–IFN-γNone5s.c., i.v.8 × 106No response
B16–IL-2None5s.c., i.v.8 × 106No response
B16–IL-2/IFNγNone5s.c., i.v.8 × 106No response
B16–GM-CSFNone5s.c., i.v.8 × 106No response
Purified gp75F, Q5s.c., i.v.10 μgNo response
gp75 peptidesF, Q5id100 μgNo response
  • C57BL/6 mice were immunized with gp75 sources as indicated and described in the Materials and Methods. Dose refers to individual dose per injection, either number of cells per injection or amount of protein or peptide. One week following the last immunization, sera were tested by immunoprecipitation and Western blots against lysates of syngeneic B16F10 melanoma and ELISA for antibodies (Ab) to gp75 and splenocytes were tested for CTL responses as described. Under adjuvant, F = Freund’s adjuvant; D = Detox adjuvant; and Q = QS21 adjuvant. No of injections = number of immunizations at 7- to 14-day intervals. B16–IFN-γ, –IL-2 (interleukin 2), and –GM-CSF refer to B16F16 melanoma cells expressing the designated cytokine. tx, Transfectant. 3.27 are B78 H.1 melanoma cells transfected with gp75, and TIB88/gp75 are syngeneic fibroblasts transfected with gp75.