Summary of results from injection experiments

Penelope cloneFertile F0 femalesF1 flies examinedMutant strains establishedPhenotype of mutationMutations with Ulysses insertion
p65720,0008droop (3)3 (18C)
triangle (1)1 (13D)
ebony (1)
Spread wings (2)2 (22C)
Pointed wings (1)
p111855,80011Delta (4)
clipped (1)
apricot (1)
small bristles (2)2 (15CD)
Deformed legs (2)2 (45E)
Spread wings (1)1 (22C)
Pointed wings (1)
  • Preblastoderm embryos of D. virilis strain 9 were injected with three different Penelope-containing plasmids, and the progeny were analyzed for visible phenotypes. Phenotypes of mutations are indicated in italics when they correspond to a previously characterized mutation; numbers of independent alleles isolated are indicated in parentheses. The numbers of these alleles containing a copy of Ulysses at the insertion site are also indicated, with the chromosomal locations in parentheses.