Distribution of K14 in adult mouse tissues

TissueK14 (endogenous)K14 promoter (transgene expression)RT-PCR
Complex epithelia
 Palmoplantar skin++++++++
 Hair follicle (ORS)++++++++
 Oral epithelium++++++
 Salivary glands++/−
 Mammary epithelium++/−+
Simple epithelia
 Seminal vesicle
 Small intestine
 Adrenal glands
 Habenular of brain
 Rest of brain
  • Tissues from adult K14-βgal or K14 expressing transgenic mice were frozen in OCT compound, sectioned, and either assayed for β-gal activity or subjected to immunohistochemistry using an anti-K14 antibody or an anti-P antibody. In addition, RNAs were isolated from some tissues and detection of transgene mRNA was determined by RT-PCR. ∗, A very faint signal, barely detectable, was seen after overnight incubation. +/−, Very patchy staining where only a small percentage of the epithelial cells were positive for transgene expression, and expression was markedly less than seen in the epithelial cells of the skin.