Table 4

Both IFN-α/β and IFN-γ are necessary for virus clearance in addition to neutralizing antibodies

Transferred lymphocytes*LCMV-WE carrierNeutralizing Ab titer (log2) Virus titer per ml blood or gram organ (log10) on d60 after cell transfer
  • * wt129 mice were infected i.v. with 200 pfu of LCMV-WE. Spleen cells of these mice were taken 60 days after infection, and 108 cells were adoptively transferred into either wild-type (wt129), IFN-α/β receptor-deficient (A129) or IFN-γ receptor-deficient (G129) LCMV-WE-carrier mice. On days 10 and 20 after transfer, the blood of the treated carrier mice was monitored for infectious virus and for the appearance of neutralizing antibodies. 

  • Virus titers are expressed as plaque-forming units per milliliter of blood or gram of organ (log10) on day 60 after cell transfer and are means of two to four mice; SEM. < 0,4 log10. The experiment was repeated twice with similar results.