Table 1

Arabidopsis RAP2 genes

GeneRAP2 gene containing YAC clones*Chromosome map position
TINY ND5-32 to 5-45
RAP2.1 yUP18H2, CIC11D10ND
RAP2.2 yUP6C138§
RAP2.3 yUP12G6, yUP24B8, yUP23E11, CIC4H5, CIC12C23-21
RAP2.7 yUP10E1ND
RAP2.8 CIC10G71-94 to 1-103§
RAP2.9 CIC9E121-117§
RAP2.10 ND4-73
  • GenBank accession numbers for complete RAP2 EST sequences are given in parentheses following the designated gene names: AINTEGUMENTA (U40256/U41339); TINY, (X94598), RAP2.1 (AF003094), RAP2.2 (AF003095), RAP2.3 (AF003096), RAP2.4 (AF003097), RAP2.5 (AF003098), RAP2.6 (AF003099), RAP2.7 (AF003100), RAP2.8 (AF003101), RAP2.9 (AF003102), RAP2.10 (AF003103), RAP2.11 (AF003104), and RAP2.12 (AF003105). All RAP2 cDNA clones were originally reported with partial sequences and given GenBank accession numbers as shown in parentheses following each gene name: RAP2.1 (Z27045), RAP2.2 (Z26440), RAP2.3 (T04320 and T13104), RAP2.4 (T13774), RAP2.5 (T45365), RAP2.6 (T45770), RAP2.7 (T20443), RAP2.8 (Z33865), RAP2.9 (Z37270), RAP2.10 (T76017), RAP2.11 (T42962), and RAP2.12 (T42544). Due to the preliminary nature of the EST sequence data, the predicted amino acid sequences for EST Z27045, T04320, T13774, and T42544 contained several errors and were incorrectly reported (13, 15, 16, 31, 32). They are correctly given here. ND, not determined. 

  • * YAC clones were determined to contain the specified RAP2 gene by PCR-based DNA synthesis using gene-specific primers (28, 29). 

  • Chromosome map positions are given with reference to the Arabidopsis unified genetic map (AAtDB 4-7). 

  • YAC-based map position is ambiguous. 

  • § Preliminary map position is based on a single contact with the physical map. 

  • R.V., N. Terryn, and M.V.M., unpublished results.