Table 1

QTLs affecting lifespan in Drosophila

Marker (map position)Interval (map position)Effect
Days (SE) σG
34EF  (2-48)33E, 35BC (2-46, 2-51)0.61ns  (3.48)−14.60*  (5.07)0.07ns−1.52*
38E  (2-54)38A, 44C (2-54, 2-58)10.92*  (3.82)5.98ns  (5.56)1.22*0.62ns
68C  (3-35)65D, 70C (3-22, 3-41)−6.24*  (1.84)1.91ns  (2.69)−0.69*0.20ns
73D  (3-44)71E, 76A (3-43, 3-45)−5.70*  (1.77)−3.89ns  (2.58)−0.63*−0.41ns
99B  (3-100)99A, 100A (3-100, 3-102)−5.36*  (1.74)2.88ns  (2.53)−0.60*0.30ns
  • Effects were estimated relative to the 2b strain markers by multiple regression of the most significant markers in each of the five regions to which QTLs for lifespan were mapped by single marker analysis. Approximate bounds on the intervals were determined by the position of the first nonsignificant markers flanking the significant regions. ∗, Markers that were significant on the basis of the permutation test; ns nonsignificant markers. Effects are given in days and as genetic SD units (σG).