Table 1

Parameters of log–linear regressions: log (frequency of recombination) vs. genomic sequence divergence

Relevant genotype of recipient strainSlopeInterceptCoefficient of determination r2
One-donor cross
Wild type*−0.089 −1.360.916
One-recipient cross
Wild type−0.081 −1.250.997
mutS −0.022−1.550.897
pmutSL−0.298 −1.250.945
lexA1 −0.081−2.43 0.921
plexA3−0.081 −3.030.936
recAo98 −0.070 −1.080.984
lexA3 pmutSL−0.283−2.65 0.985
recAo98 mutS −0.023 −1.340.632
  • * The recipient strains were nalR derivatives of E. coli K-12, E. coli B, Sh. flexneri, E. fergusonii, and S. typhimurium. 

  • The recipient strain was AB1157 nalR. All other recipients in one-recipient crosses were AB1157 nalR derivatives carrying indicated alleles. 

  • Salmonella point was omitted from linear regression analysis (explanation in the text).