Table 2

Frequency of single marker transductions

Recipient strainRelevant genotypeFrequency of transduction, × 105
Tn10 insertions linked to putTn10dTet insertions linked to serB
S. typhimurium
 aWild type98.5712.0545.01040.0318.0
 b mutS 696.01392.0819.01470.0944.0
 c recD 5420.03560.01310.04540.01540.0
 d mutS recD 1420.03370.01610.03180.02040.0
S. typhi
 eWild type<0.00010.011<0.0001<0.0001<0.0001
 f mutS 1.5507.9701.7014.203.41
 g recD 0.0810.2940.0180.0080.018
 h mutS recD 108.0285.019.484.928.1
S. typhi hybrids
 iWild type<0.00010.021<0.0001109.021.9
 j mutS 0.1481.500.19685.218.0
 k recD 0.0250.4890.107500.0200.0
 l mutS recD 181.0326.037.3363.0126.0
  • The mean from three independent transductions are shown. The standard deviation was typically <10% of the mean. Controls containing phage only or cells only did not give rise to Tetr colonies.